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Discovering Beijing: A Guide to China's Vibrant Capital City and Its Top Attractions, Culture, and Cuisine
The Best Places to Rent an Apartment in Beijing, China Beijing, affectionately known as Beijing for centuries, is one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved cities. It boasts...
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Uncovering London: A Guide to the City's Top Attractions, Neighborhoods, and Culture
Living and Working in London London is an amazing city that has plenty to offer. It’s a vibrant hub of food, culture, art and entertainment – making it a must-visit for...
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Los Angeles
Exploring Los Angeles: A Guide to the City of Angels and Its Top Attractions, Neighborhoods, and Culture
Los Angeles, California – The City of Angels The City of Angels is home to an eclectic population from around the globe. It serves as a major hub for culture, business and international...
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Exploring Geneva: A Guide to Switzerland's Picturesque City by the Lake
Geneva, Switzerland – A Gourmet’s Paradise Geneva is the capital of Switzerland and a renowned center for diplomacy and banking. It houses the European headquarters of the...
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Singapore: A Fascinating Guide to Asia's Garden City
Singapore – A Diverse and Vibrant City Singapore is a vibrant city with an exciting past. Long before British colonization in 1819, Stamford Raffles established his trading settlement...
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Tokyo: A Comprehensive Guide to Japan's Vibrant and Dynamic Capita
The Cost of Living in Tokyo Tokyo is an expansive, energetic city offering visitors a multitude of sights and experiences. It’s where ancient customs meet the cutting-edge. Tokyo’s...
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Zurich: The Ultimate Guide to Switzerland's Cultural and Financial Capital
Zurich – A Cosmopolitan City Zurich has been a hub of global connectivity for centuries, drawing people from around the globe. As an important hub for research and development,...
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong: An Insider's Guide to the History, Culture, and Lifestyle of the City
Living and Working in Hong Kong Hong Kong is one of the world’s most beloved tourist destinations, boasting historic landmarks, cultural experiences and hidden gems to discover....
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The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World
The Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World: A Comprehensive Guide to Cost of Living and Lifestyle
The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World It’s becoming more and more expensive to live around the world, which comes as no shock. A recent study has ranked 10 cities as being...
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london england
Fundamentals About History Of London England You Didn't Learn in School
London England Introduction to the History of London England You’ve seen Britain’s royal family on the news, but did you know that its capital city has a royal history of...
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So You've Traveled to Sunderland England ... Now What?
Discover Sunderland, North East England If you are looking for a place to live and explore, look no further than the North East city of Sunderland. It offers the excitement of a large...
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The Best Kept Secrets About Swansea Wales
What is Swansea, Wales? You’ve probably heard of Swansea, Wales, but what’s its name? This city is the second largest in Wales, and was the birthplace of poet Dylan Thomas....
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What City Do You Live In?

While there are several criteria that determine which city is the best, these are the most important. This list takes into account the infrastructure, culture, institutions, and entertainment. The top cities have all of these factors, so you know what you’ll find in each of them. These factors can be hard to determine from a list of 100 cities, so it helps to have a little knowledge about each before choosing a destination. But a city’s appeal doesn’t end there. There’s more to this list than meets the eye.

If you’re looking for a hip, hippie, Millennial-driven city, Denver is for you. This city is home to almost half foreign-born residents. Its education and diversity have made it one of the world’s most diverse cities. The city ranks #26 for the number of citizens with a postsecondary education. Its diverse population is highly productive, with its citizens having high GDP per capita. People living in Denver are working for large tech companies or at start-ups in the rapidly emerging cannabis industry.