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    Bathroom renos will be big in 2007

    by News Canada
    Published: Fri, Sep 1 2006

    (NC)—Thinking of updating your bathroom in 2007? You're not alone.

    Bathroom updates are at the top of the renovation list for next year. Homeowners want to change the general style of their bathroom, purchase products designed for ease and convenience and take the luxury route, says Judy Riley, vice president of design, Moen Inc.

    Whether you're simply looking to install a new faucet or do a complete bathroom renovation, Judy offers the following ideas:

    Theme and texture

    When deciding on what theme you want for your new bathroom, don't be afraid to mix and match traditional and modern pieces together and allow your personal style to come through. For added interest, try using tile or glasswork – which will be popular for 2007 – with a focus on geometric patterns to build a 3-dimentional look with interesting texture.

    Convenience or style?

    The good news is, you don't have to sacrifice one for the other. Many bathroom faucets are now designed with high arc spouts, a convenient feature previously found only in the kitchen.

    "A high arc spout on a bathroom faucet, such as Moen's Icon collection, adds a classy, modern look to any décor," says Judy. "Not only does it look great, but it provides extra clearance for washing up and keeping the sink clean."


    Consumers want to bring that extra special something into their home — creating a luxury powder room is an increasingly popular option. Judy explains that more and more powder rooms are being installed in the home, allowing homeowners to experiment with luxury design and interesting décor on a smaller scale. From old Hollywood glamour to organic nature themes, the powder room can have a look all its own, complete with matching accessories, including towel ring, paper holder, toilet tank lever and towel bars.

    Renovating a bathroom can be a daunting task, but make the experience easier by bringing magazine clippings with you to the showroom to show the consultant what you have in mind. This will help bring all the elements together for a great looking bathroom for 2007.

    More decorating ideas are available online at

    - News Canada

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